Thursday, August 27, 2020

My March on Washington

I know i am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to witness in person this years 2020 March on Washington. The crowds, the spirit, the hope, the pain, the focus, was felt throughout the event. No doubt these are crazy times. 

Thinking of my grandparents was it this hard Nope! It was far worse!!! With "Social Media" we have this kind of collective thought. What I really mean is we can instantly know what another person position is quite easily. Not that I was looking for it .

 I read a thread where someone said that Dr. Martin Luther King is probably rolling over in his grave with disgust about this years March on Washington. Question? Would he be upset over the perceived lack of "Professional Decorum"? Or that still Fifty-seven-seven years later women and men of color are still being killed by police for what at times is clearly a second, nope, third tier of judicial justice system.

God willing i hope to be able to look back on the faces in these images twenty years from now and be in a place not where we are Fifty-seven years ago today.

Kevin B. Jones

Kevin B. Jones Photography - The 2020 March on Washington on August 28, 2020

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Fraction Magazine 12th Anniversary Group Edition

 A HUGE THANK YOU to Bree Lamb, Managing Editor at Fraction Magazine, and the editing selection committee for including my image, “No Dream shall be Deferred”, in this years 12th Anniversary Group Edition Issue. Fraction Magazine is an online venue dedicated to fine art, contemporary photography, bringing together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. I’m grateful to be included with so many talented photographers.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

A Trip Back Home - Martin Luther King Parade

Tomorrow is not promised to any of us….

What sad news to learn about the loss of the life of Kobe Bryant and others lost in that tragic helicopter crash.  God bless all their families as they attempt to move forward from this tragedy. I was just back home in Los Angeles to visit and to photography this year’s 35th anniversary of the MLK holiday.  

Way back in 1986 I had just discharged out of the US Army. I was fortunate and had landed a job working in the data center of one aerospace companies. The start of my IT career. A week or so before the holiday in 1986. Our shift  manager called us all together and said she would need a few volunteers to work this first "official celebration" #dayoff. One of the workers (can’t say coworker) shouted out, “Can’t believe they gave that N***** a holiday…!!!” and walked off. #silenceintheroom.

I raised my hand and said, “I’ll work it...if it wasn't for Dr, King I would not be here” The parade in Los Angeles was great! Tons of positive energy all around. I met a woman who runs an orphanage in Ghana. We exchanged contact information.  Looking forward to learning more about the work they are doing. 

I used to drive this street what is now known as MLK Boulevard. From my Grandfathers store in Watts to his home in Culver City. Truthfully I was driving as soon as I could reach the pedals in the truck. It was a straight shot. Plus I couldn't speed with my grandfather riding next to me. 

Lot’s of good memories. My Grandfather would be very happy to see this parade.

Kevin B. Jones